Support the Arts at Laurel School


Laurel School is a K-8 public school located in heart of West Hollywood, CA. Our over 320 students range in backgrounds and have little access to the arts outside of the school environment. Many of those children come from underprivileged backgrounds and most qualify for reduced-price or free lunches. Here’s a look at how your donations will enhance student learning during this year.

With your support through the Treadmill Marathon fundraiser, our students will have easier access to resources and supplies that they need to explore their creativity and become avid learners in art and music. Among many other concepts, our students learn central ideas that meet with our core focus: Social Justice. Laurel students learn about intercultural and social connections and how it relates to the world around us. They will expand upon projects that explore social justice through film, theatre, and screenwriting.

Donations from Treadmill Marathon will provide invaluable supplies and experiences for over 320 students, including:

  • New technology and teaching materials: a mounted projector, and video equipment and cameras for creating, editing, and displaying student work.
  • All consumable art supplies, like paint, pencils and other art media, various types of paper and drawing supplies.
  • Glazes and clay
  • Supplies to protect and replace parts of the music department’s instrument inventory
  • Visiting artists
  • Field trips

Thank you for making Laurel School a better place for our students! Your gifts ensure that our students have access to resources and experiences that will help them learn and thrive throughout their school career and beyond.

Your donations do make a difference in every classroom, every day!


Visit our donation page here: treadmill marathon


*Treadmill Marathon and its affiliates are outside entities raising money for Laurel School.