Emergency Information

Information on the emergency card is used whenever the school needs to contact you such as when your child is ill, has been hurt, or in any type of emergency. There is also a medical release on this card in case immediate treatment is required.

It is very important that our records be kept up to date.

Emergency Information Cards

Each student is required to have a completed Emergency Card on file at the school office with the following information:

• Parent(s) or guardian(s) name(s)

• Complete and up-to-date address, including home and work phone numbers for at least one parent

• Emergency phone number of friend or relative, along with physician’s name and phone number

It is important that the Emergency Card be kept up to date at all times. Be sure to sign both sides of the card. Cards for all returning students should be completed and returned to the teacher as soon as possible.

Important: Please make certain you list everyone who is authorized to pick up your child. By law, and for your child’s safety, we cannot release your child to ANYONE who is not listed on the Emergency Card