Release & Pick Up

“Parking Valet” on Hayworth Avenue (front of the school).  This program is designed to make morning drop off safer and more efficient for our families.  Parking Valet has been carefully planned so that you will not need to park or exit your vehicle to drop off your child or children.  Rules and procedures for morning drop off are listed below.  We are asking each family to review the rules and procedures carefully with your child.  We, along with the Los Angeles Unified School Police Department and the cities of Los Angeles and West Hollywood, put your child’s safety first.  By carefully reviewing and following the rules and guidelines listed below, we can help keep your child and everyone else safe during our morning drop off.

  1. Pull as far forward as possible in the valet line before opening car doors.  This helps keep traffic from backing up on Hayworth Avenue
  2. Continue forward through the valet to the exit.  Do not pull out of the valet line through the cones once you have dropped off your children.  Pulling out could cause an accident with traffic traveling both ways on Hayworth Avenue.
  3. Do not open your trunk or hatchback or in any way get out of your vehicle to get something out of the back.  If someone has to grab something from the back, they could potentially be struck by an approaching car.
  4. The driver should never get out of the car, even if it is to help their child with their belongings or to open a door.  Establish a “Good Bye Routine” while driving to school:  make sure your child’s belongings are with your child, discuss after school plans (such as pick up times, afterschool play dates, etc.) hugs and kisses BEFORE you get to school.  This will make drop off with the valet volunteers much smoother and efficient.
  5. Keep your child buckled in their seatbelt until you come to a complete stop.  Seatbelts should never be removed while the vehicle is still in motion.
  6. Do not jaywalk across the street.  While our Parking Valet program is designed to provide a safer way for students to arrive at school, we cannot prevent all drivers from driving too fast or wrecklessly.  Please keep yourself and your child safe by using crosswalks.
  7. Do not make u-turns or park in the middle of the street. Not only is this illegal, it is not safe.
  8. Do not park in front of the school between the hours of 7:00am and 5:00pm.  This is a drop-off zone only.  Any cars parked in this area will be ticketed.

We hope that these reminders and guidelines will help make the transition for our Parking Valet program as smooth as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the school at (323) 654-1930.

Students may not arrive before 7:40AM. Supervision and breakfast start at 7:40AM. Please do not teach your child to walk through the parking lot. The parking lot is for Laurel staff only. Class begins promptly at 8:00AM for 6th and 7th graders. They need to be inside their classroom when the bell rings at 8:00AM for their first class.

Please talk to your children and help them select the safest route to and from school. Stress to them the importance of crossing only at marked crosswalks, to cross only on the proper signal light, to look both ways and be sure the road is clear before crossing. Students must be dropped off or picked up on the school side of the street. Never ask your child to jaywalk or to go into the roadway between parked cars.

When possible, all doctor/dental appointments should be made for after school or during vacation days so students do not lose valuable instructional time. IF IT IS NECESSARY TO TAKE YOUR CHILD OUT DURING SCHOOL HOURS, PLEASE COME TO THE OFFICE TO SIGN FOR HIS/HER RELEASE. According to regulations, we are not permitted to release children during school hours to anyone except a parent or authorized adult.



After dismissal, students may be picked up in front of the school on Hayworth Ave. or through the gate on Edinburgh Ave.