Code of Conduct

Conduct that IS permitted:
  • Learning and following school and classroom rules.
  • Solving conflicts maturely, without physical or verbal violence.
  • Keeping a safe and clean school, that is free from graffiti, weapons, and drugs.
  • Being a good role model and helping to create a positive school environment.
  • Reporting any bullying, harassment, or hate-motivated incidents.
  • Displaying good sportsmanship both on the athletic field and playground.
  • Attending school on time, with school books and supplies, and being prepared to learn.
  • Keeping social activities safe.
Conduct NOT permitted:
  • Bullying/intimidation
  • Weapons possession
  • Fights, threats, and/or violence
  • Drug possession and/or sale of drugs
  • Graffiti and/or vandalism
  • Gang activity
  • Cheating and/or plagiarism
  • Forgery and falsification
  • Sexual harassment and/or assault
  • Blackmail and/or extortion
  • Prejudice and hate crimes
  • Robbery and stealing
  • Fireworks and/or firecrackers
Zero Tolerance

The Education Code states that possession, sale, or furnishing of any knife, firearms, or drugs is grounds for suspension and/or expulsion. Please remind your children to follow school rules.