Health Services

Laurel Span School has registered nurse on campus every Tuesday to assist with the school with ongoing health concerns. The school nurse oversees the health of the student body, administers periodic health-related tests on all students and helps identify injuries and other health-related problems in individual students.

In the event that the nurse or any staff member discovers a child with an injury or other health-related problem, the child’s Emergency Card will be reviewed and that child’s parent or guardian will be notified so that appropriate medical care can be obtained for the child.

Health Regulations

This is a summary of the Los Angeles Unified School District policies and procedures.

  • Children must not carry medicines, asthma inhalers or over the counter medications to school.
  • Students who need to take prescribed medications during school hours must have the parent’s signed request including the Private Physician’s written instructions and signature on file in the office.
  • Medication must be brought to school, along with the required forms before it can be administered to the child.
  • Sick children should remain at home. After an absence, each child MUST have a written note stating the reason and date(s) of absence.
  • Parents requesting homework for an ill child must notify the school office before 10:00AM. Homework may be picked up in the office after school.